Basic ______



The Look

This will be, by far, my most Korean-fashion inspired look. I have everything down: ankle action, culottes, crop top, beret, big oversized coat... and all this in the most neutral colors. For me, neutrals are now statement, since NY converted me to wearing all black. I'm sure I'll go back to it once I return.

So many I know are bored by neutrals. I remember wearing this look a few days before shooting it, and mentioning to an acquaintance that this is the look I would be shooting in a few days. She gave me an up & down, looked confused, and then just nodded and let her confusion be.

I used to be the same when it came to basics– I thought they were safe. But what I've learnt is that the beauty of neutrals is in the way it can make other parts of a garments shine. Whether that be the cut, material, or the smallest detail... with a basic background those seem to stand out even more. For this look in particular, I love the slight wide leg of the trouser and the high waist that frames my crop top perfectly. The ribbed beret hides my greasy roots, and the otherwise plain patent boots become a statement with the muted materials. But most of all I think this basics outfit helped highlight my dark lip and ring. And that last bit is-currently- my only criteria for success. 

I would love to write more but it's finals season... and there is a strong negative correlation between the amount of finals and the time that I have to write. But more posts to trickle in as winter break progresses...

Beret - StyleNanda

Top - StyleNanda

Pants - Hongdae

Shoes - Hongdae

Ring - BodyCandy

Lip - BlackDalia, OCC

Photography by Sidney Hahm