Sashimi Thanksgiving

IMG_4827 copy_psdIMG_4823_psdIMG_4820 copy_psdIMG_4819_psdIMG_4839IMG_4849IMG_4848IMG_4844 copy_psd I had a pretty lengthy piece of writing that I had been working on for this, but since I am far overdue for a new post I think I'll put it aside for now.

This was the look I wore for my first Thanksgiving away from home. Thankfully, I wasn't missing out on much. My family, who normally hosts Thanksgiving amongst our friends in New York, was all over the world this year: Seoul, Dubai, and my brother stayed back in New York. Naturally, there was zero Thanksgiving spirit in Seoul. So with the lack of spirit and the extreme time difference, I did not realize that it was the fourth Thursday in November until I was sitting in Sinchon with my friend Josephine eating a huge plate of salmon sashimi. Actually, I think we had two.

It was by far the most unconventional Thanksgiving I've had, and hopefully in the future I can have my Dutch friend over in NY to celebrate a proper one. Nevertheless, it was a night of long conversation– one that I am thankful for and won't forget for a long time. It seems like such a long time ago now as I write this. Josephine has already left for her travels for the winter and in two days I will be on a plane to visit family for two weeks. After that, I will be in New York. Thinking about leaving Seoul makes me feel sick. So for the next month or so I will live vicariously through my blog and pretend I'm still here as continue to put up posts about my time here.

The Look

Do not be fooled– winter in Seoul is quite cold even though I'm sporting a bare leg. It was all for the post. I ran in and threw on some tights after this. I think it started snowing as we were shooting this... so I'm not crossing my arms to look good. I was crossing my arms because my hands were about to freeze.

Otherwise, I think this is one of the first times I was wearing pink in ages. I found this top in Star101, a shop underneath Top10 in Edae. I loved the muted pink color and the way it looks with this high waisted black skirt. But whenever I wear soft colors I end up looking too young, and so I threw on a heavier nose ring to balance everything out.

And lastly celebration for finally being able to put my hair up into a bun! Perhaps it took thousands of bobby pins but it's doable. Anyone who has ever had the guts to chop of ALL of their hair knows what it's like. Oh the struggle of growing out a pixie cut. Never again.

Photography by Sidney Hahm