Overall Overcast

IMG_4236 copy copyIMG_4237 copy copyIMG_4250IMG_4246IMG_4254IMG_4284IMG_4289IMG_4293 Just going to go straight to The Look for today-

One of the main factors that influences what I wear everyday is the setting around me. New Yorkers for some reason love all black anything, and while in high school I used to wear oranges and yellows and reds, my wardrobe has at this point become completely monochromatic. I think it has something to do with the bad-ass attitude that NY wishes to give off. And while it's much easier to get dressed in the morning when every piece of clothing matches, sometimes it can get a bit boring. The same happened while I was studying in China. For some reason I went into all taupe-everything. Jackets, shirts, pants... all a tannish beige color. And when I came back to NY it just didn't quite fit. Taupe would get dirty in the subways and just didn't mesh well with the New York attitude.

Now in Korea I've been completely converted to some of the styles here. I do find both the men's and women's style quite universal, in that everyone seems to have gotten this unspoken memo that they will all wear the same style with hundreds of variations. It is difficult to describe, but if I were to I would say that it is a casual sportswear look– tailored pieces, simple cuts, muted colors, LOTS of sneakers, oversized (but someone still tailored!) sweaters, cuffed jeans, and overall very put-together. While I cannot standardize New York fashion, effortless chicness seems to be a trend– while in Korea the looks are definitely styled to look curated. Unfortunately I'm not too eloquent, so I suggest that you come to Korea to get a better idea.

One of the pieces that I saw over and over again is these overalls with a deep V-cut and open back. Shoulder exposure is not big here in Korea (but go ahead and show all the leg you want), so a top is definitely demanded underneath the overalls. It took me a while to figure out which top to wear underneath, but this skin tight top from Hongdae did the trick. Whenever I tried on a pair of overalls back in NY, they seemed to make me look 10 years younger than I already look (I'm told that I normally look about 14 or 16). But for some reason the cut, fit, and color of this piece just works. So here's to overalls that still let me look like an adult. I'm unsure about where it tapers off, in that I think it is a bit too short. I'll let myself think that's I'm too tall for them, since normally I'm far too short for everything.

I believe the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. So with that in mind you can call me insane for wearing these shoes again after they betrayed me and destroyed my ankle a few weeks prior. I can do heels, I can do flats, but I cannot do platforms. The balance just throws me off. Someone teach me, please... because I eyed these shoes for weeks before purchasing them in Edae. I suppose there are worse things in the world but there was no reason for such behavior on their part. Anyway I thought they were a good statement piece for the otherwise simple look. This design of shoe is all over Seoul right now, so if you happen to be reading this from Seoul (and you can wear platforms without falling) I suggest either Style Nanda or Edae. Style Nanda also has world wide shipping for those outside of Korea.

Unfortunately I'll most likely have to save this piece for the future, since I don't know how I could style this for the colder months.

Ring: BodyCandy

Overalls: Edae

Top: Hongdae

Shoes: Edae

Photography by Sidney Hahm