Stripes and Florals

Throwback to a month ago when it was pleasant enough to wear a turtleneck. Now I melt outside and freeze in the workplace all at the same time. 

I wear a pretty monochrome color palette nowadays to keep professional, but that doesn't mean I've gotten rid of all my clothes from before this duller chapter of life. Every once in a while all the pieces shoved in the back of my closet - all the color and patterns - call out to me and I have an urge to wear them. I pretty much only get the chance to on the weekends or evenings now, but they increasingly make me feel like I am stepping out of my comfort the more I exclusively wear blacks, blues, and grays.

The neck on this dress was a little too low for me, so I layered it with a basic striped turtleneck to contrast the large flower print. I think it worked out pretty well. It's too hot now - but hopefully this will make a reappearance in the fall will some more comfortable footwear. 

Pictures were taken near Kiera's apartment in Brooklyn on a small street called Love lane which if you couldn't already tell, is straight out of a story book. I spent much time on StreetEasy looking up property values after our shoot. 

Dress - Pomelo

Turtleneck - Zara

Lip - Colourpop

Photography -