My face in the last photo is the same face I make at around 1 PM in the office everyday when suddenly the air turns on in the middle of NY winter and I have to drape myself in shawls and thick socks. I was recently informed by a friend that a study was done which claims that office temperatures are based on a formula that uses the metabolic rate of men. So you don't even have to look at the wage gap to see gender discrimination in the workplace, you just have to walk into the office and feel the air. Given this information, I give myself a free pass to complain about the freezing office everyday. Small brown girls for air equality.

The remainder of my usually shawl covered outfit is my take on one of the most professional looks I feel comfortable in. Although from afar it looks like a white collared top and a black trouser, the cinched waist creates some intense pleating (which, if you're not careful, can be blown straight up by the subway vents), and the pant has an incredible pleated detail at the bottom. The blue shoes add a healthy pop of color and with a block heel, they give a little lift without the social suicide of a kitten heel. 

All photos taken by Kiera Wood

Top - Zara

Pant - Cos

Shoes - Nine West

Scarf - Bleusalt