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These pieces in my closet, like others that are increasingly so, are some of my most versatile. The pants I purchased during my last day in Kuala Lumpur in February of this year - and while they have been good to me they are already beginning to disintegrate. The top is a thrifted find from a vintage store in Brooklyn - 100% silk (from a selection of many!) and a perfect high collar to elongate the neck. I'm increasingly unable to wear heels like I used to, so all of my amazing college heels (well, those that I think are appropriate) are only used when I'm sitting at my desk. At least they're being used? 

The setting for this shoot was City Hall in downtown Manhattan - only a few streets away from where I used to live during my junior year in college. And while it was a decent walk to up class everyday, I loved living in this area. It's quieter than the rest of Manhattan in a commercial way. However there are some true hidden food and architectural (pictured above) gems located around this square that most people are unaware of. While there isn't much to actually do around here, it was perfect for a shoot. 

Photography by Kiera Wood

Top - Thrifted

Pant - Market in Kuala Lumpur

Shoes - Topshop