Weekend Look

IMG_1540IMG_1554IMG_1548IMG_3625IMG_3624 One of my favorite things about New York has always been the weather. I love experiencing the extremes of all four seasons in their simultaneous brutality and beauty. This last weekend I was able to truly indulge in the spring transition period as my mom came in for some of my favorite Manhattan escapades: exhibit hopping (even if they were all closed), hot pot (we went to Hou Yi Hotpot for the first time and I highly recommend), and of course some K-beauty browsing (and buying) in Chinatown. This meant long walks downtown in a t-shirt and leather jacket, something I haven't been able to enjoy for quite a few months now. And even though I've lived here my whole life, I am always surprised by the change in scene that a new season brings. Somehow I also manage to forget the challenges of them as I now pop Claritin to soothe my nose and eyes from the pollen floating around. It's no Chinese yellow dust but it's bad.

I hesitantly bought this top from Cos, one of my favorite stores for transition pieces (day to night, work to play, skinny to food baby, etc.) during their recent sales. Initially I was scared to walk around with tule protruding out from my shirt but then decided to own it and loved every second of the top floating in the wind. My jeans are from Topshop (who have the best jeans in my opinion) and boots are from a designer Reike Nen via Moda Operandi. On the lips I'm wearing the new Huda beauty matte liquid lipstick in Trendsetter, which I have been really enjoying. Overall this was a comfy look to wear around topped off with just a little bit of weird.