Graduation Look


Despite NYU holding multiple graduation events (maybe a little too many) to which I was required to wear many photo op outfits, this one was by far my favorite. This Zara two-piece is killer with its peplum silhouette, loud print, and spring colors. The impact this look has makes me immediately forget about the awful material it is made out of– it feels as if someone ran out of material, tore off the curtains in their home, and decided to make a top and bottom out of them. Maria von Trapp lied curtains are not comfortable.

And while most of the time I won't concede that fashion is pain, in this case the effect was too great and I'll admit for a suit like this I'll take some discomfort. Other than the outfit itself I kept the look minimal with absolutely no jewelry and some sleek (completely bashed up) heels I got from Korea. A part of me is waiting for all my clothing from Korea to fall apart from overuse so that I have some excuse to plan another trip.

Suit - Zara

Shoes - Edae

Lip - ColourPop

* Posting was slow due to my becoming a vegetable for the last month as I dreaded the transition into real life adulthood. But! it's finally here and not as bad as I expected. As I find more of a routine there will be much more to come.