Transition Pieces


Finals are kicking my butt so I had to go home to eat away my feelings. Inbetween my frequent meals I decided to take a few shots of my outfit. Even in the worst of moods I tend to dress up– when I look better I feel better. I should feel happier since graduation is just a few days away, but instead I feel completely overwhelmed with exams and little things on my to-do lists. I guess it's what I deserve for studying abroad twice and stuffing all the most difficult classes into my last semester... or maybe they make sure to make the last semester hell so that you don't miss school once you leave. Either way, I know I'll be looking back in longing tears once Wednesday comes.

    *              *              *

It's that strange time of year when the weather everyday is a gamble, bundling up every breeze, sprinkle of rain, and harsh sunshine all in 24 hours. The good part is that such weather calls for interesting layers and a mixing of materials that I wouldn't put together on a normal day in NY. A cotton top, leather jacket, jeans, and some open-toe mules to create a clean but put together uniform. While I always love seeing the minimalist look on others, I always end up walking out of the house with a huge chunky necklace or scarf. I'll save the minimal elegant look for when I'm older... big necklaces from Karachi are just too much fun to wear. This one in particular jingles around every time I take a step. A perfect piece to wear during class to spite that one professor you hate.

Lip: Nars

Leather Jacket: Zara

Necklace: Karachi

Jeans: Uniqlo

Top: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21