Posting has been slow due to economics monopolizing (heh) my life... making me ultimately question all my choices at university and wonder if I'm wasting my time. Will I ever use R to do a regression again? Should I have done more R? Should I have done more coding? C++? Why did I do economics was this all a waste oh my god I have a degree but I don't know anything what is this.


In moments of extreme doubt it makes it difficult to get through multiple four hour problem sets every week. The enthusiasm I had for my major has long subsided, most likely due to have a job lined up in July. I keep trying to force myself to enjoy my work but I'm jaded by the classes. It's not that I'm counting down the days to work in finance... but I can't wait for the time where I get to come home exhausted from work and just write away on my blog. There is a constance to university life that makes it overwhelming– you can study and work all night, all day, without a break in between. Every second you take for recreation is a second you could have been working.

I know once graduation hits I'll become all sappy and write a love letter to NYU, but for now I feel so buried under studying and work. Nevertheless, I wanted to get this post out just to keep up with the blog.

The Look

There isn't much to say about this. As much as  I love a statement piece, if I wear this once I feel like I can't wear it again for the next two weeks. The loud print is very recognizable and even more  so for a person that wears black 90% of the time.

What I do enjoy, however, is the interpretive quality of this sweater. UNIF calls it the "crayola sweater", for the strong blocks of bright crayon-like colors. I found it, initially, to be a bit rainbow-esque (though it is missing a few colors). My coworkers at the drama school thought it was a political statement on gay rights, and my artist mother simply called it "very primary". Then again my friend Claudia came to visit me the first day I wore this sweater and just yelled at me as she thought it was an obscene amount of color for NY. So while I love the cut and fit, wearing the crayola sweater is like wearing an experiment on my body. I turn into a walking ink blot for people to unleash their inner workings on me.

I paired the piece with all black to even out the bright colors, and an almost-black on my lips. The pointy black patent boots I bought in Korea have long been destroyed by the NY rain and rough streets. RIP to all the shoes that can't make it six months on Manhattan turf. There are so few that can.