I had this long post written out professing my love for Long Island, but it's finals week and I'm tired now. I wanted to get this post out before I get so bogged down with studying that it is suddenly March 18th, I'm back from Spring Break, and I realize I haven't posted anything for the entire month. And then I'll feel like a failure, cry in my room, and delete my blog through watery eyes. I'll try to convince myself that I need to grow up and focus on having a real job. Afterwards I'll regret all of my choices and go into recluse and spend the next year eating a lot of Oreos (did you know they're vegan?) and eventually convince myself that I can keep up a blog... and recreate it. No, this is not hypothetical, this has happened at least three times before in parallel scenarios.

So basically I'm saving the longer post for a time when I have more time for refinement.

The Look

No, I do not go hiking in heels (although I would if I could). I wore some reasonable shoes about five feet into the trail before switching into heels. Nevertheless, passing hikers had a good laugh at what I was wearing– heels or not. Flowing sweaters, dangly jewelry, and loose-cut pants are not proper hiking attire. Maybe one day they will be.

I did, however, wear this look during the week before coming to Long Island for the weekend. I'm always surprised to find yet another hiking trail or park behind the maple trees that hug Long Island highways. Those wooded areas are one of my favorite things about driving around the Island. As opposed to driving through a concrete jungle, the roads have a feeling of seclusion since they are surrounded by color-changing trees and either the setting or rising sun (almost all highways run east to west). So as we were driving around to find a semi-secluded spot to photograph, we drove into a park to find yet another surprise hiking trail. Since it has turned cold yet again, I will archive this trail in my mind and utilize it when the warmer months arrive and Milo and I want to go for a walk.


As someone who could wear neutrals every single day of the week and be happy, I've recently become bored with my collection of neutrals. Initially it was a challenge for me to block neutrals in a variety of materials (leather, lace, suede, etc.) and silhouettes. However I am quite good at it now, and whenever I become comfortable with any aspect of my style I feel the need to move on to the next challenge.

And so one trend that I always admire when scrolling through fashion week street style looks is pattern mixing. Fashion people have a way of confidently pulling off the craziest patterns and still looking sane (i.e Susie Lau, Eva Chen). I've always wanted to sport loud patterns in the streets of NYC where everyone wears dark blacks and the focus seems to be on unconventional silhouettes. I think for pattern mixing the focus is the opposite– the silhouettes of the looks are clean to keep the focus on the unusual combinations of the prints. Perhaps I'll do a separate post on it.

I've been trying for the last few months to mix patterns as much as I possibly can. After years of neutrals I have pretty limited resources, but I've been managing. With any sort of apparel experimentation, I think the key is small steps. The second you take a leap to big, you will feel uncomfortable and awkward in what you're wearing– and I promise that it will show. So for myself adding a peak of stripes around my wrists to cohesively clash with my pants was a big step. I'm still questioning the combination of stripes together. After much contemplation and staring at myself in the mirror, I let it be. Ultimately I thought the combination to be interesting versus incompatible (you are welcome to disagree). Thus far in my pattern-mixing journey, I've found stripes to be the easiest to work with. No matter the width or color of stripes, the uniform lines help sophisticate any look. I'm not brave enough to wear my striped top alone with my wide leg pants, so I wore my favorite neutral sweater to play it a little safer.

Since most of my look ended up focusing on bottom portion of my body, I added some interest with my large Korea glasses and gifted necklace from my friend Misha. The boots are simply a staple right now– I love the way they hug my ankle and square off in the front.

And of course I added my Milo who is my twin and no matter what I am wearing we are perfect for each other.