Middle Schooled

DSCF4435DSCF4434DSCF4446DSCF4447DSCF4453DSCF4455DSCF4457DSCF4461DSCF4463 Finally in New York, but not Manhattan quite as yet. I wanted to spend some time back at home before I move into my apartment for the coming semester. Traveling took its final blow at me and now I'm sick. Feel sorry for me. Or don't. I guess it's what I deserve after a fantastic time abroad.

The Look

When I was in middle school, I only wore sweatshirts and jeans. There were no t-shirts or blouses or dresses or skirts. Just sweats and jeans. I actually had forgotten this fact for a long time, since after sophomore year I managed to block middle school out of my mind. But a year ago my friend reminded me of my attire at the time and I had horrific flashbacks. I was a small, hairy gremlin child that kept to myself not out of choice. Now, there isn't nothing wrong with those two articles of clothing as long as it makes the wearer feel good and confident. But for myself it was just a way to feel safe and blend in at a time when I did truly want to experiment with clothing but was too scared to. Looking back, a school uniform probably would have helped save me from that period. But then it would have also (I'm guessing) stopped me from experimenting with fashion later on.

It wasn't until high school that I really experimented and enjoyed different clothing. I tried so many looks in high school– I don't think one could have easily placed where my style fell. But I had a good time with it. I wore different colors and silhouettes, flats and heels, and an assortment of materials. There wasn't much utility in my looks– the school was warm and required little walking. It was in college that I took the looks that I had experimented with and figured out how they would work with layering, walking miles everyday, and simply staying stylish and comfortable at the same time.

If I were to go back to middle school now, I would sport something like this. Comfortable, warm, appropriate and bright. Looking at the finished look in the mirror the morning I shot this, it felt very Korean to me– especially with the Totoro sweatshirt, big glasses, and sock action. Unfortunately I was not in touch with foreign fashion trends when I was 12 years old. So for now I'll try to convince myself that this is how I looked in middle school.

The glasses are newly prescribed from Karachi, and I only wish that the metal on them was cooler toned since my nose rings are almost always silver. Apparently you aren't meant to match gold with silver... but it's my blog so I get to do whatever I want. hah.

Glasses - Karachi

Watch - Casio

Collared top - Zara

Sweatshirt - Star101

Jeans - Target 

Shoes - Edae