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I've never really understood the January 1st New Year madness. For myself and the student I've only known myself to be, my year begins in September with the start of the school year. September was always a chance to start new, get good grades and... well yeah that's all I knew how to do back in high school. There was little life beyond my grades and my clarinet.

But perhaps now that the year will be far more continuous without school, summer vacation, or winter break, I'll cherish the new year when it comes around on January 1st.

But for now I am still a student! And therefore it is not my new year– I am currently mid-year. So no resolutions for me. Ah except for working on the construction of this site. I will get to that as soon as I am back in New York.

The Look

This was the last shoot Sidney and I did in Seoul (although I have one last one from earlier in our shoots that I will post in a bit). After a break of a couple of weeks we finally walked our way to Ewha Women's University to play around with this incredible structure they have on their campus. I don't know what you would quite call it, but I walked passed it dozens of times this semester and every time thought, I NEED TO DO AT LEAST ONE SHOOT HERE. And so finally we did! Of course Sidney took it to the next level. The glares and reflections in the photos are the product of her rotating a prism in front of the lens of her camera. The end result was these incredible photos. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Afterwards we were quite hungry so we stopped at Queens Bagel in Edae and got "smoked" salmon bagel sandwiches with jalapeño cream cheese. I can't say it was the smoked salmon I'm used to though– it was more like eating sashimi in a bagel... which is fine too.

There isn't much I can say about the outfit. I simply tucked in this oversized sweater into the front of my pants so that I could redefine my waist through all the fabric. I've always preferred baggy clothing to anything skin tight. The nude shoes pull everything together, as I feel shoes normally do. I think I was emulating a bit of the Korean sonsaengnim (teacher) fashion in this without even realizing it. Of course I did spend two hours a day in Korean class so some of that ended up rubbing off on me.

Photography by Sidney Hahm