Seoul Fashion Week Day 1


Whenever I heard the term "Fashion Week" growing up, I always equated it with the "New York Fashion Week" that occurred twice a year in the city I dreamed of living in one day. Years later at the wise age of 21, I now live in that city, and had the opportunity to go to "Fashion Week", but not the one I always thought it to be.


Coming to Seoul for the first half of my senior year, I was looking for one last escape before beginning my banking career in New York City in July. College life is definitely one of luxury, and the thought of that ending put panic in mind. Shockingly, more panic than already exists. After piling on jobs and internships over the last three years of university, I promised myself I would spend my time here in Seoul exploring, eating, traveling, meeting new people, and all this not with my resume in mind. I would truly enjoy my time away before I had to come back and face reality. However my first week into the semester, and I had already broken that promise to myself. After a week of failed attempts of sifting through 900+ students in the exchange program for the like-minded, I decided to place my efforts–and spend my time– elsewhere. The only other elsewhere that I've ever known is through employment, and so began my search for a small job that would occupy my time here in Seoul.

I figured that I might as well seek out something that I enjoy. My first attempt was contacting the lovely Jina Kim, whose fan I have been for a while now. She not only runs her own youtube channel, but also founded the online fashion publication IFBKSeoul. Turns out she was looking for a videographer/photographer, and so was IFBK, and from then on my amateur photography skills were put to the test. Since September I have been doing some small work for IFBK, but this October I had the opportunity to go to Hera Seoul Fashion Week through the publication. After watching a few shows through the screen of my Olympus, IFBK has begun to review those which the team was able to attend. However, I plan to post my own thoughts on the collections that I saw as well as the entire experience of Hera Seoul Fashion Week in the coming posts.

The Look

As much as I am the biggest advocate of sky-high heels at any point of the day, I managed to sprain my ankle in Hongdae during the first week of October– and no, I was not wearing heels at the time. I was lucky not to break my foot altogether, but it did mean that I had to skip out on some beautiful shoes for fashion week. Clearly my life is incredibly difficult. These Shoemint buckled shoes were purchased 3 years ago, and have seen their fair share of downtown New York. I just happened to throw them into my bag the day I left for Seoul in August.

It was surprisingly still warm in Seoul on the first day that I went to see the Jarett SS'16 Collection, and so I was able to sport this fantastic sweater-dress-open-sleeve-big-side-slit piece. I had purchased this earlier in September at the overwhelming Dongdaemun wholesale market, but was confused as to how to wear it. I figured they worked quite well with the loud gridded pattern of my pomelo trousers. The silhouette of the loose pants and loose top managed to fit each other well. The only pop of color were my reflective sunglasses... which I still believe are too big for my small face. But they allow for shameless people watching and so I will continue to wear them. They came quite handy while scouting out street style to photograph– especially those moments when you eye someone and decide that you can't be bothered to snap a photo of them... and they notice... that moment is always a bit awkward. But none of that when nobody can see your eyes.

Sunglasses: Quay

Ring: BodyCandy

Top: Dongdaemun Wholesale Market

Trouser: Pomelo

Shoes: Shoemint

Photography by Sidney Hahm