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When I applied to university, the one thing that I did not want was a campus. I was finally going to be on my own and set loose, and the thought of being enclosed yet again on a small campus with only my fellow classmates felt repetitive and claustrophobic. I was lucky enough to not only study in Manhattan for college, but live there as well. What that meant was an atypical college experience– everyday walking to class I passed by the other 8 million or so New York City residents. Frat parties were not exactly the norm (I have yet to attend one), and rules were far more strict in and outside the dorms. Additionally I've developed the utmost amount of independence and self control passing by New York's amazing restaurants, cafes, and retail store every single day. As I've mentioned, living in the city allowed me to work continuously during my studies... which in turn fueled the expensive outings that New York demands. For the last three years, my preference for living in an urban environment has increased. I could not understand the idea of closing myself off from everything for four years– especially during a time when my seoul purpose was to learn.

That was until recently, when I began my studies at Yonsei University for a semester. While Yonsei still sits in the center of Seoul (just a 15 minute walk to Sinchon station), it still is an enclosed campus. Up until a few weeks ago, much of the campus was in under construction. But when that construction ended and the leaves began to change color I began to see the charm of a campus. I've begun to enjoy seeing familiar faces everyday and being able to roll out of bed ten minutes before class and still be (some what) on time. The campus, pictured here, looks gorgeous with color change and minimal crowds which disturb photo-shooting. There is something so calming about being away from masses of urban residents and sounds. Of course I am biased because I can escape into Sinchon whenever I like, but this is the closest to a campus feel that I will ever be able to experience. And while I am thankful that I get to see what it's like, I'm also thankful that it will only last for a semester. I do miss the city that I am ever so familiar with and in which I don't get as many confused stares.

The Look

I actually wore this look the night before this was photographed. I was trying to Fall-ify these very loose and airy pants that I had bought when it was much warmer. Also laundry that night was growing and wearable pants were decreasing. Unfortunately I didn't bring many warm clothes to Seoul, and now I'm being forced to convert the lightest fabrics for the colder months. The night before, I wore a pair of Uniqlo heat-tech leggings underneath the pants to keep extra warm. But the next day was sunny, so I let them be. I decided to go all black for the rest of the outfit (nothing new) except for my lips and the slight purple detail on the scarf. Overall a successful impromptu look.

Leather Jacket: Zara

Scarf: Zainab Market

Top: Zara

Watch: Casio

Pants: Hapjeong Station

Shoes: Style Nanda

Photography by Sidney Hahm