Stripes and Florals

Throwback to a month ago when it was pleasant enough to wear a turtleneck. Now I melt outside and freeze in the workplace all at the same time. 

I wear a pretty monochrome color palette nowadays to keep professional, but that doesn't mean I've gotten rid of all my clothes from before this duller chapter of life. Every once in a while all the pieces shoved in the back of my closet - all the color and patterns - call out to me and I have an urge to wear them. I pretty much only get the chance to on the weekends or evenings now, but they increasingly make me feel like I am stepping out of my comfort the more I exclusively wear blacks, blues, and grays.

The neck on this dress was a little too low for me, so I layered it with a basic striped turtleneck to contrast the large flower print. I think it worked out pretty well. It's too hot now - but hopefully this will make a reappearance in the fall will some more comfortable footwear. 

Pictures were taken near Kiera's apartment in Brooklyn on a small street called Love lane which if you couldn't already tell, is straight out of a story book. I spent much time on StreetEasy looking up property values after our shoot. 

Dress - Pomelo

Turtleneck - Zara

Lip - Colourpop

Photography -

Casual Friday

And another Friday comes to an end. But honestly, Fridays mean little when you have to work all weekend. 

Despite working in an investment bank, my dress code is not as corporate as one would think. Fridays are still casual, and so that means a little more room for creativity at the end of the month. This is the look that I sported today - a pinstripe flared pant and an oversized bell sleeve collared shirt. For shoes I went with these small block heel "suede" yellowish heels. These heels are becoming a staple this summer. I love how feminine they make my usually very boxy cut clothing look. Maybe this isn't you're standard "jeans on casual Friday" look, but the pants have a slight denim feel to them so I'm going to count them in. 

Summer hit hard today. I think it was a solid 90 degrees Fahrenheit. And while this may look like a lot of layers, they definitely help in the curse of offices during the summers... aka blasting the air conditioner because it's hot outside. Such circumstances mean getting as creative as you can get with layers, materials, and cuts. If you're working 12-14 hours straight in cold air, taking the subway in the heat, and also need to somehow look professional and put together (no open toed shoes), basically anything in your closet is up for grabs. I also keep a mini stack of sweaters and undershirts near my desk because I am cold blooded and cannot adjust my body heat to my surroundings. 

All photos are taken by Kiera Wood. We met up after work this evening to shoot this look around the UN area on Beekman Place - a small street which is home to some beautiful townhouses that are actually embassies from around the world. Perhaps not the most exciting tourist attraction, but a fun place to play "guess who" and a reminder that NY has a never ending supply of hidden treasures that make even the longest work weeks worth it because you know you're here. 

Top and Bottom - Pomelo Clothing

Shoes - Zara

Lip - Huda Beauty


Friday Shoots

I am not an athletic person. I don't like to exercise (although I do regularly now to supplement the office life) and my body is most definitely not made for it. I don't come from a particularly athletic ancestry either. Exercise for me when growing up was always a chore - something I know I should do, and did, but was never good enough at to enjoy. Not that you have to be good at exercise to enjoy it... but when you're on the high school tennis team and your coach makes sure you never play a match it can be a little disheartening. 

So when the sports luxe / sneaker trend came into style a few years ago I was 100% certain I would be staying out of the pool of people browsing for sneakers online. I was an avid heels wearer between high school and early college. Somehow I could wear heels for hours and not be bothered by it. Fast forward a few years and I own multiple sneakers and pair them with almost every look I own. Wearing heels even for a night out takes a large amount of physical and mental preparation. So much so that when it actually comes down to getting ready for the evening, I'll convince myself it's a-ok to wear my reeboks with that black velvet dress for dinner. 

And while that may be pushing it, sneakers do have an uncanny ability to toughen and edge up any look that you have. In this case I paired my Nike Air Force 1s with this subtle high-low black dress that I wore to work that day with black pointed heels. Of course props to the dress for being so easy to style with anything in my closet. That's how you know you have a good piece on your hands. 

Lastly - tfw you find yourself an amazing photographer. All the pictures were taken by Kiera Wood. You can check our her work here:

Dress - Cos

Shoes - Nike

Backpack - Henri Bendel